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How to order

We will need as much information as possible upfront to ensure a fast and direct design creation.

Email these details to:

  1. Project Name - This will help us reference the project during the design process and circle back to it in the future. Put this in the subject line.

  2. Exact Glass Dimensions - Measure the "daylight opening" of the glass. Frame to frame within 1/8" of an inch. Please include any spacing in between door panels and distance from the floor in a continuous set of various size glass. This will enable us to have a perfect fit for the design. Please let us know how much extra you would like to have added to the design for trimming. By default, we will design this to have a factory top edge for installation ease and consistency. The final printed size is referred to as production size.

  3. Pictures - Please provide pictures so that we can confirm the layout of the design. If you are having us design something new, please provide pictures of the theme. This will all help to accelerate the design process so that we can get your project produced ASAP.

  4. Orientation - We need to know which side of the glass you plan to install on, if the design be mirrored on an adjacent panel, and if the design needs to flow from one panel to the next.

  5. Timeframe - Does this project have a deadline? Would you like it produced before something else? 

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