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10 Year Warranty

10 Year Limited Warranty - Custom Glass Window Films will provide a replacement of any product that bubbles, cracks, discolors, peels, and fails to maintain the original appearance for a period of 10 years after installation. Please keep all installation invoices on record with the project name to help expedite the process. 

Damage - Custom Glass Window Films will not cover damage from impact, abuse, scratching from pets, and improper cleaning.

Cleaning - The only recommended method for cleaning is with a soft cloth and a mixture of 2 teaspoons of dish soap with 1 Liter of water in a spray bottle. Alcohol based window cleaners ( typically in an aerosol spray can ) can slowly dissolve the finish over time and potentially cause streaking.

Installation - Although our products are manufactured with a scratch resistant coating that can handle squeegee application, it is still recommended to use the release liner as a protective cap sheet during installation. This is more important when the film has been recently manufactured. After 30 days, the film is fully cured and is in its most scratch resistant state. We recommend this for your hard passes. Touch ups can be made with a felted hard card. Wipe down any remaining moisture with a soft micro fiber cloth.

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